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The Development of the Student
To have a total program that is student related, a system of proper assessment and evaluation in place. The philosophy of the school must be tangibly seen in moulding and nurturing young lives. 

Relationship to God

We teach on a consistent daily basis, in a practical and relevant manner, the infallibility of the Word of God, the teachings concerning God and Jesus, the need for personal redemption through faith in the atoning work of Jesus, and the role of the Holy Spirit to enable a person to live the Christian life. 


It is impressed upon each student that they have been uniquely created by God and given unique abilities and gifts that they can use to serve God and help others.



Our educational standard is to encourage the development of academic skills for post-elementary education and to challenge each student individually in all areas of the curriculum. 


The Home

The partnership between home and school is essential in a child's development and academic success.  It strengthens the students and also sets a Christian example in the community.

Statement of Faith

Our complete Statement of Faith can be downloaded here.

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